Data Protection

Data Protection

Our data protection and security expertise

Data is one of a company's most important assets, and a data disaster may bring a company down faster than any other single cause. According to a 2016 IBM research, a catastrophic data breach is all it takes for the average SME to go bankrupt.

As a result, Aslan Attorney’s experienced data attorneys provide guidance on all areas of data security, data protection, and the preservation of sensitive information or trade secrets, not just the General Data Protection Regulation and the Protection of Personal Data Regulation 2016.

  • Conducting data audits to identify areas in which a company's data is at danger.
  • Drafting data security policies and dealing with data protection concerns in the workplace, including advising on legal basis for processing personal data in the workplace.
  • Assisting customers with penetration testing and ISO 27001 certification.

• Creating document preservation rules and data requirements in customer, supplier, and intermediary contracts.

• Providing data-related training to client staff.

• Providing advice on data crises, such as data breaches.

• Assisting when the Information Technology Department receives complaints from data subjects or initiates investigations.

• Assisting clients with topic access requests, which includes evaluating any content that will be made public.

• Pursuing legal action to prevent breaches of confidence (including obtaining emergency injunctive relief).