Turkish Citizenship By Investment
Turkish Citizenship By Investment Turkish Citizenship By Investment

Turkish Citizenship By Investment


We are going to clarify the Citizenship by Investment program in detail. We are going to answer frequently asked questions in practice regarding the purchase of real estate which values at least 250,000 USD. As you can see on the websites and social media, there are numerous articles, videos, posts on this matter. However, many of them, either superficial explanations or complicated articles of law, but unnecessary and perplexing information for foreign investors. We know that investors do not bother themselves with subparagraph j of Article 31 of Foreigners and International Protection Act No. 6458 and sub clause b of Article 12 of the Turkish Citizenship Act No. 5901. Because of that we will explain processes and requirements in the easiest manner along with examples.

As Aslan Attorney, we have submitted citizenship on behalf of over 1000 of our clients (around 3000 including spouses and children) until now. We gladly share our experience with you in this article.

Up to the present, the Citizenship by Investment programme is the most popular and preferred investment way for investors. Citizenship by Investment programme in Turkey constitutes 80% of all investments. Accordingly, the large part of Aslan Attorney’s applications consist of Citizenship by Investment applications.

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