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Turkey Real Estate Investment

Our prized real estate attorneys work on a wide variety of commercial real estate projects. Because of our extensive knowledge of the Turkish property market, we can advise our customers on the impact of property trends and legislative changes on the performance of their real estate assets.

Turkish Citizenship and residence permit procedures are one of the advantages of real estate investment in Turkey. Aslan Attorney’s clients will be assisted throughout the process from title deed transactions to being a Citizenship in Turkey.

• First of all, we would like to point out that you do not have to buy one real estate. You can buy more than one real estate.

• Likewise, you do not have to buy real estate at the same time. It could be a long time between them.

• The type of real estate(s) you choose is also not important. This can be an apartment, shop, land, agricultural land etc. You can combine more than one property.

• You do not have to buy from the same province or district. You can buy from different cities and counties.

E.g. - You purchased 3 real estates in total. One is agricultural land in Ankara in 2019, one store in Bursa in 2020, and one apartment in Istanbul in 2021. Can you benefit from the CBI program in this way? (if you completed other conditions) Yes, you can.

• You can also purchase jointly-owned real estate(s). In this case, it will be calculated according to the share ratio.

E.g; The value of the Turkey real estate investment you purchased in half, has to be a minimum 500.000 USD so that your rate corresponds to 250,000 USD and you can join the CBI program. Likewise, if you are the 40% shareholder in the real estate which is 300,000 USD, you will be deemed to have made 120,000 USD investment and you will need to purchase another real estate which is over 130,000 USD in order to reach 250,000 USD.

One of the most frequently asked questions to us is “Can I still participate in the Citizenship by investment programme if I have joint real estate with my spouse?”. You can see the answer in the paragraph above. The property has to be worth 500.000 USD if you purchase 50%-50% joint real estate with your spouse.

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