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Aslan Attorney, founded by İbrahim ASLAN in 2015, continues its progress by adding new ones to its fields of work in accordance with the requirements of the current century, but it does not compromise its one-to-one communication with its clients and the philosophy of doing business in a boutique perspective.

Turkish citizenship by investment

The Regulation Regarding Application of Turkish Citizenship Code was recently amended. In line with the new regulations, foreigners who satisfy at least one of the below mentioned investment options will be able to obtain Turkish Citizenship (TC) in the year 2019 for themselves as well as their families

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We are the leading law firm in Turkey on Turkish Citizenship, immigration law and related matters. We have been advising our clients on Turkish Citizenship by investment (TCBI) programme since the regulation was initially released back in 2017. We have a extensive Turkish immigration law experience and we understand our clients’ each specific necessities. We would be more than happy to advise and assist you and your family to obtain TCBI.


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Ibrahim Aslan

Ibrahim Aslan

Aslan Attorney founder İbrahim ASLAN graduated from Bahçeşehir University Faculty of Law and Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences with honor degree in 2014. He wa s studying at Connecticut State University in USA for his language. He is expert on immigration law and Citizenship by Investment.

sinan kulekci
senior associate

Sinan KULEKCI graduated from Bahçeşehir University Faculty of Law in 2015. He was studying at California State University San Barnardino (CSUSB) at his first year in college. He is head of corporate department.

halit hikmet s.

Hikmet SECEN graduated from Ozyegin University Faculty of Law in 2017. He went to London after he finished his trainee and he is still working at UK for his master. He is working on litigation department

nihan memıs
junıor assocıate

Nihan MEMIS graduated from Okan University Faculty of Law with a good degree. She went to high school in Mn/USA in 2012. She is working for immigration and enforcement departments.

furkan aslan
para legal

Furkan ASLAN studying on Istanbul Yildiz Technical University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. He also study at Anadolu University Faculty of Law.